About Us

Hello friends. My name is Faheema Ghani. Welcome to our blog Thepowerhousecollective.com. I stay in Bangalore, a city in the state of Karnataka. Basically, I am from a small town called Sirsi where I completed my primary, high school, and inter-education. Later for higher education, I moved to Bangalore and now I have settled here.

I completed my graduation here and started working for a company. I had no idea about digital marketing. I got to know about it in 2018 through social media. I found it interesting, so did a 2 and a half months course in Digital Marketing from Digital Academy 360 in Bangalore. Then I started writing my own blogs. Currently, I own 3 blogs including Thepowerhousecollective.com.

What topics are covered in this blog?

We write articles on Digital Marketing and ways to make money online. Basically, there are 5 categories on this blog. SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SMM, Best Web Hosting, and Making Money Online. So if you want to learn about digital marketing, you should check our blog and it is definitely going to help you. If you have any queries, you can contact us via email. – [email protected]